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Company profile

1973 A.C.P. Acciaieria di Cividate al Piano S.r.l. was created following the mini-mill lay-out typical of the majority of electric steelworks built in the north of Italy during the 70's.
1975-1976Start of production, the steelworks consisted of a scrap-yard, a 45 tonnes electric arc furnace (EAF) and a continuous casting machine (CCM) for billets production in constructional steels.
1996-1998Installation of a ladle furnace (LF1), revamping of the billet caster and creation of an area dedicated to the first ingots production. Building up of the dedusting plant for the new need introduced by the LF1.
2003Installation of a vacuum degasser (VD) for ingots production of high quality.
2004A.C.P. S.r.l. is taken over by OLIFER S.p.A, with headquarters in Odolo (BS), changing its corporate name to OLIFER-A.C.P. S.p.A. OLIFER-A.C.P. S.p.A. is part of GRUPPO OLIFER, an industrial group composed by OLIVATT S.R.L. (#5 hydroelectric power stations), the steelworks in Cividate al Piano (Bergamo, Italy) and a rolling mill located in Odolo (Brescia, Italy). Enlargement of the building of the continuous casting machine and automation of the ferro-alloys plant.
2005Upgrade of the dedusting plant to the norms IPPC-AIA.
2006Improvement of L.F. 1 and installation of a hydraulic oscillating table in C.C.M.
2008 Enlargement of the main building and creation of the new casting pit for ingots production. Installation of a ladle-car to cast controlling and recording pouring parameters; construction of the new mechanical workshop. Installation of a new 100 tonnes annealing furnace. Construction of a new building for the technical and quality departments, the worker's refectory, changing room and infirmary and a laboratory for the control of raw materials. Installation of a new 70 tonnes electric arc furnace, served by a new transformer and chemical package. Installation of a second ladle furnace (LF2), served by an independent automatic ferroalloy plant and instrumentation for high quality steelmaking. Replacement of vertical ladle burners with new structures equipped with hood according to last environmental norms (AIA). Start of the land reclamation works
2009-2011Installation of equipment and instruments for quality control and of a pneumatic mail for the samples transmission from the workshop to the lab. Implementation of the casting facilities to increase the availability of different geometries of ingots. Installation of devices and technological solutions to improve safety on work. Research and selection of human resources for the growth of the technical staff and of the industrial know-how.
2012-2013Installation of a 130 tonnes crane to move the ladles. Installation of a second annealing furnace with the capacity of 200 tonnes. Realization of a new elephant house in EAF area to capture noise and fumes. Upgrade of the billet caster (installation of electromagnetic stirrers, new primary and secondary cooling, billet marker and automation level 1 and 2 with quality tracking). Upgrade of the vacuum degasser in VOD (vacuum oxygen decarburation) for low carbon stainless steels. Enlargement of the scrapyard to optimize the segregation of the different macro-classes of carbon and alloy scraps. Development of the land reclamation works and improvement of the environmental system (ISO 14001).
2016The name was changed in A.C.P. S.r.l, Acciaieria di Cividate al Piano, company controlled by Olifin S.p.A.
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